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Town Meeting


March 16, 2024    
9:30 am - 10:30 am


Protectworth Room Springfield Town Office
2750 Main Street, Springfield, NH, 03284
Map Unavailable

 Every Voter Is a Legislator.

Those quaint sayings about town government being a “pure democracy” are true! State law refers to the town meeting as the “legislative body” (RSA 21:47). The town meeting is to the town what the Legislature is to the State, or the Congress is to the United States: the town meeting has all the basic power. There is no higher authority in town. But in order to have the right to participate, you must be a registered voter of the town, and you must attend. If you don’t go, how can you justify blaming anybody but yourself?

(Taken from the NHMA website, article written by H. Bernard Waugh, Jr., with 2015 Update by Cordell A. Johnston)

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